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Mormon YouTube Videos

YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world & great for sharing the Gospel.

Official Church YouTube channels

Humorous LDS YouTube videos. MormonAds.

Positive videos on YouTube about our faith, including a video for each of the temples.

Videos from FAIR, including answers to many questions about LDS beliefs.

Mormon YouTube videos with more than 1 million views

Drone flight camera of DC Temple

Elder Bednar invites Mormons to use social media to flood the earth with gospel messages

Mormon Church uses YouTube to Battle Stereotypes

Because of Him (Easter Video)

The Piano Guys

LDS Leader Presents President Obama with Family History

New Spice | Study like a Scholar

Kid History - Episode 1 of 8

Tom Cruise on Home Teaching

Twilight Spoof of a Singles Ward

Famous Mormons and what does a Mormon believe?

Mormon Myth-ellaneous

JFK - "The Mormons"

Mormon Church: Glenn Beck

Official David Archuleta Videos on YouTube

Other David Archuleta Videos

Osmonds' Emotional Farewell Performance

President Monson Ear Wiggle

The Apostle Song

CNN report about Mormons in Business

Michael Medved on the "Mormon Conspiracy"

Original Reflections of Christ Slideshow

Reflections of Chris Slideshow Among the Nephites (Another Testament)

Elder Ballard Invites Mormons to Join Internet Conversation

LDS Public Affairs- 1978 Extension of Priesthood

What Mormons Believe

Jesus Slide Show (Josh Groban)

Joseph Smith Videos

Wilford Woodruff's Testimony Video

President Gordon B. Hinckley After 9/11 - Part 1

President Gordon B. Hinckley After 9/11 - Part 2

Elder McConkie - Last Conference Talk - Part 1

Elder McConkie - Last Conference Talk - Part 2

LDS Church Leaders preparing us for the 2nd Coming of Christ

CTU:Provo Updated Trailer

Snickers Speedwalker Ad (Mr. T and Kirby Heyborne)

"The RM" Star Kirby Heyborne in a Beer Commercial

Weird Al & Donny Osmond (White & Nerdy)

Book of Mormon - Pepsi Commercial Spoof!

Donny and Marie starwars part1 and 2

Jon Schmidt - All of me (Piano)

Jon Schmidt - Love Story Meets Viva La Vida

Shawn Rapier - Latter-day Night Live

Al Qaeda Learning from Mormon Missionaries

Some Postman (funny Mormon Missionaries)

American Mormon

Ammon the Lego Missionary!

The Visiting Teaching Movie

Cheers TV Show- Why can't Mormons send flowers?

Star Wars Home Teachers

Jaredites Tale (Like Gilligan's Island)

LDS missionary takes the plunge

Fake Mission Call

Mormon Missionaries doing the HAKA

Kirby Heyborne interview on set of "Singles Second Ward"

Will Swenson star of Singles Ward, Sons of Provo interviewed

Stalking Santa is #1 on YouTube!

Singles Ward White And Nerdy

The Rise and Fall of the Mormon TV Commerical

"Never Tell A Lie" (80's Mormon Commercial)

Mormon Ad - Homefront - Swashbuckler

Who Broke My Window?

Mormon Bank Commercial

"I'll Build You a Rainbow"

Mr Krueger's Christmas


Football BYU vs. Utah 2007 Final 2 Plays

Football BYU vs. Utah 2006 Final Play

1998 NBA Finals - Utah Jazz Vs. Chicago Bulls - Game 6

Vintage John Stockton Video

John Stockton Hands Out 24 Assists



Book of Mormon Population Statistics

Should you monitor what your kids do online?

Mormon World Records, Facts & Feats

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